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The Library at La Posta Quemada

The mission of the Research Library & Archives is to provide a collection of materials reflective of the history and pre-history, both cultural and natural, of Colossal Cave Mountain Park and surrounding areas.

The focus of this mission is to:

  • provide a place for research

  • support educational outreach programs

  • house and preserve locally historic documents and photographs

Subject Areas
We collect materials in the following subject areas:


  • desert flora and fauna

  • range management

  • gardening

  • conservation

  • cave life

  • Native American studies

  • cattle ranching

  • Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

  • Arizona and local history

  • geology

  • speleology (cave science)

We have an excellent children’s collection that echoes this subject focus.


Costa's Hummingbird
Photo taken in the Park by J. Marlow

Southeastern Arizona is home to more species of hummingbirds than any other area of the United States. Colossal Cave Mountain Park has a thriving population, many of whom stay on right through the winter.


Scope of Collection
The Library contains:

  • books

  • photographs, slides, postcards

  • journals

  • maps

  • newspaper and journal clippings

  • scripts of movies filmed in the Park

  • videos

  • oral histories

  • children’s collection

  • dissertations and theses

  • blueprints and architectural drawings

  • reports

See the Civilian Conservation Corps page for a glimpse of some of the specialized materials available in our Research Library & Archives.

We Need Your Memories!
Colossal Cave Mountain Park has a rich, varied, and long history. Our Education Department and Research Library & Archives are always looking for more information.

Are you (or a friend, relative, or ancestor) a part of our history? Were you in the CCC or have a relative who was? Do you have a friend or family member who lived or worked on La Posta Quemada Ranch? Do you know of a scrapbook or photos tucked in the back of a drawer that relate to the Park?

Information and archival materials help us preserve the area’s history. We would be grateful for the opportunity to conduct interviews, take oral histories, and duplicate photographs, slides, old postcards, or scrapbook memorabilia.

Henry the Desert Tortoise

This is Henry!
Photo taken by J.J. Lamb

Henry was one of our Desert Tortoises and he lived in the Park with his friend "Big Nasty". Unfortunately, they are no longer with us but you can find our new tortoises in the tortoise enclosure located at La Posta Quemada Ranch.


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Visiting Us
Our quiet, comfortable facility is open daily for research and browsing, on-site only—we are not a lending library. We welcome researchers; in-depth research projects may be scheduled with the Librarian.

The Research Library & Archives are located in the La Posta Quemada Ranch facility. The Toll Booth attendant will provide a map. If you have questions or need more information, please email us or call (520) 647-7121.


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